What is an Expedition?

Our expeditions are quite different from our normal trips. Although there is a general outline, we keep the itinerary open to changes and adjustments, following the slogan ‘Expect the unexpected’.

An Expedition is generally longer than our scheduled trips and often starts and ends in different locations. We venture farther and reach areas we’ve rarely or never visited before. Although some of the dive sites on the road may be well known to other boats, it may be our crews first time there. Because if a site is rumoured to be excellent – we obviously want to see what all the fuss is about.

Part of every Expedition is dive exploration. There are several reasons for us to choose to a potential dive site. Maybe we have seen a Manta breach in the area, maybe we’ve heard whispers of a secret spot or sometimes we’re just curious.

Collecting information about the visited sites is part of our Dive Expeditions. And if we love them – they might become part of normally scheduled trips in the future.


Why do we do it?

Because we have a never-ending passion for exploration and discovery.

Since the dawn of time, man has strived to discover new territories. Unfortunately, we joined the race for mapping the corners of the globe a little bit too late. Most of the landmass has already been neatly documented, dissected, edited and prettily presented in various forms.

The underwater world, however, still has many hidden treasures tucked away. An Expedition is an opportunity to join the few privileged enough to have marvelled at some of the most pristine and so far, untouched places.


Who should go?

Diving expeditions can be a bit more demanding than scheduled trips. They normally attract the more seasoned diver, but anyone with a sense of adventure and a love for diving is welcome to join.

Keep in mind though, that we are travelling to truly remote areas with rudimentary or no medical facilities nearby. Therefore, being in good health is of paramount importance when joining an Expedition. Evacuations are a complex and pricy affair.

Also, a somewhat flexible approach to time and the ability to adjust to changes is a quality that will greatly increase your enjoyment of such a trip.


Indonesia Dive Expedition History

Scuba Republic has a long history of exploring the magnificent islands of Indonesia in search for new adventures and dive sites. The KLM Jaya was originally built to be an exploration vessel. Over the years she has undertaken no less than 30 expeditions, covering over 40’000 nautical miles. That’s almost twice around the globe!

Our Dive Expeditions are not on a fixed yearly schedule but are announced once we have decided on a new adventure. If we have piqued your interest – please sign up for our Newsletter.

Cenderawasih Bay

Ambon - Banda


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